University Loans

Missouri S&T offers university loans to help you meet the cost of attendance.

The majority are awarded automatically based on completion of the FAFSA by February 1.

Loan Name Interest Rate Grace Interest Accrual Begins Minimum Payment
Alumni 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Armstrong 3.00% 3 mo Repayment $50/mo
Basore 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Boyd/Watts 0.00% 6 mo No Interest $50/mo
Bryant 8.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Doyle 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Eben Crum 5.00% 12 mo Repayment $50/mo
Electrical Engineering 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Ellis 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Fuller 5.00% 12 mo Repayment $50/mo
Harmon 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Jackling 4.00% 3 mo Disbursement $50/mo
JB Arthur 4.00% 12 mo Grace $125/yr
McBride 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Prange 7.00% 12 mo Repayment $50/mo
Rhoades 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
ROTC Ln Forgiveness 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Schrenk 3.00% 3 mo Repayment $50/mo
Silver & Gold 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Stone 5.00% 12 mo Repayment $50/mo
Stubbins 4.00% 3 mo Repayment $50/mo
Townsend 3.00% 3 mo Repayment $50/mo
Tragitt 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo
Zoller 5.00% 6 mo Repayment $50/mo

University Loan Disclosure

University loans provide all students with the University Loan Disclosure to outline additional information regarding any university loan being offered.

Emergency University Loans

The institution also offers short-term loans for students enrolled at S&T. These are available for emergency or unexpected circumstances and must be paid off one month after the emergency loan is taken.‌ However, unexpected circumstances may arise and after initially consulting with your financial aid counselor, you may apply for the S&T Emergency Fund. This is a one-time funding option (to help cover emergency personal expenses) that does not need to be repaid; however, there are eligibility requirements and restrictions on the use of funds.