Receiving your funds

To have your aid funds disbursed, you must complete your financial aid file, verify registration and ensure all other requirements have been met.

Disbursement is the release of financial aid funds to your individual student account; S&T will use your financial aid funds to pay tuition and fees. Any remaining balance will be credited directly to you.

Student financial assistance sends out award letters to all students who submitted a FAFSA by the February 1 priority deadline for the upcoming school year by the end of March. Those students that did not complete a FAFSA by the priority deadline will be processed in turn. If any student wishes to accept or decline this assistance, it is necessary that they log onto our online student self-service system, Joe'SS.

The amount of financial aid that has been awarded to a student may be revised if they are awarded additional financial assistance (scholarships, fellowships etc.) at a later date. The student will be notified if such revisions are made.  

To receive and/or maintain your award, the student will need to meet satisfactory academic progress requirements, and complete any documents required by student financial assistance.

Financial aid accepted by students will apply towards tuition and fees, room/board, and other debts owed to the university. If the total of the aid applied exceeds the amount of charges owed to the university, excess funds will be sent to the cashier's office or to the student's local address (or directly deposited into their bank account) each semester. If a Parent PLUS Loan has resulted in an overpayment, the refund will be sent directly to the parent. If all requirements, including  full-time registration, promissory notes and counseling, are fulfilled by the student, the funds will be paid out to the student's account 7-10 days prior to the first day of class.

For more information on how financial aid is awarded, including your rights and responsibilities, see our policies and procedures page.

Refunds are processed through the cashier’s office. When your financial aid disburses to your account to pay your charges, any overage amount will be refunded to you except for a Parent Plus Loan, which will be refunded to the parent. Direct deposit refunds are generally in your bank account 3-5 business days after the date that the refund was processed. If you do not have a direct deposit set up, a check will be sent to your local Rolla address, and you should receive the refund 7-10 business days after the date the refund was processed. For more information, see our policy on Refund Procedures.

Setting up direct deposit

You can set up a direct deposit through Joe'SS. Also, you can view your disbursement on the financial aid tab on your Joe'SS. Direct deposit of refunds are generally in your account 3-5 business days after the date the refund was processed.

  1. Log on to Joe'SS.
  2. Click on Self Service on the left side menu.
  3. Go to Campus Finances on the left side menu.
  4. Click on Manage Direct Deposit, and then click on the Manage Direct Deposit box. This will then open a new window. If not, check your pop up blockers.
  5. Enter your username and password.
  6. Once you hit submit, you will be prompted to choose a method for your additional passcode.
  7. Once you receive your passcode, you can enter it to finalize your login.
  8. Select either Checking or Savings from the drop-down box.
  9. Enter your routing number.
  10. Enter your account number twice for verification.
  11. Click the Direct Deposit Authorization box and then Update my information. You will then receive a thank you message letting you know that the update was successful and tell you that you have been logged off. You can then close that window. Then you will see a window saying "Click here to log into Joe'SS."
  12. You will need to re-sign into Joe'SS if you would like to continue activity.

If you have completed a Direct Deposit setup, the authorization remains in effect until you change or cancel it yourself. Existing direct deposit information can be viewed on Joe'SS. Any changes or deletions will be updated within one day.

For questions, please call the Cashier's Office at (573) 341-4195.

Early Withdrawals from School

Any change to enrollment, especially a drop in credit hours or withdrawal, may impact your financial aid award and tuition bill. If you are still full-time after dropping a class, your financial aid will not change. There are many factors that should be considered before dropping or withdrawing from a class. It is highly recommended for students to contact their counselor in the Student Financial Assistance office to evaluate their options. 

Student financial assistance is required to calculate a Return of Title IV funds on all students who withdraw or stop attending classes before the semester is 60% complete. This process also requires a review of students who receive all "F” grades to see if they attended and earned the failing grades, or did not attend and did not officially withdraw.  It is very likely that a portion of the aid received will need to be paid back to the federal government and Missouri S&T.

This policy is required by law, and students who owe a refund on Title IV aid cannot receive assistance at any school until it is repaid. Students must also maintain satisfactory academic progress, and withdrawals may impact future aid eligibility. (For more information, see our policy on withdrawing).


Financial Aid Next Steps

All incoming students are encouraged to review their next steps for financial aid. Students should be familiar with any requirements needed to receive financial aid at Missouri S&T. Additional information on these steps and requirements can be found on the Financial Aid Next Steps website.

Financial Aid Next Steps