Applying for aid

After you submit your FAFSA and are admitted to S&T, you will receive a financial aid package, which includes qualifying S&T scholarships, federal and state funds, and loan options.

You are not required to accept your entire aid package. You may accept some, all, or a combination of offered funds. We are here to help, so contact us if you would like to discuss your options or financial aid offer letter.


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When you apply for admission to S&T, you automatically apply for some merit-based scholarships. Merit based awards funds are limited, so it is best to apply early. Once you are admitted, a financial aid package will be delivered that details all aid that you qualify for. 

Apply for admission to S&T


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form that should be submitted annually by you (and your parents, if you are a dependent student) to determine your eligibility for need-based student financial aid. 

To qualify for need-based aid, you must submit your FAFSA each year you plan to enroll at S&T.

Learn how to submit your FAFSA

In addition to the aid you may qualify for when you are admitted to S&T, there are many other scholarships and options for aid available. 

  • S&T Scholarship Database is an easy way to find and apply for additional university, regional and national scholarships.
  • Other Scholarships: We offer several scholarships based on merit or need.
  • Local and private scholarships: Check with your high school counselor to learn about other scholarship opportunities. 
  • Grants: There are several federal and state grants that you may be eligible for.

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Summer Aid Application

If you are planning on attending courses in the summer, the Missouri S&T Student Financial Assistance automatically will review all students who are enrolled at least half-time for the summer semester, and will award students who have Federal Pell Grant and Direct Student Loan eligibility for the summer semester.

If a you would like to be considered for additional aid (including institutional loans or summer work study), you should complete the summer aid application. 



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You can always contact our office directly  in person, over the phone or through emailIf you are already admitted to S&T, you can schedule an appointment with your financial aid counselor for assistance with navigating your aid package.


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