How the Billing Process Works

The Cashier’s Office will produce monthly billing statements with the amount that is due on or before the 15th of the following month. The statement lists any previous balances carried forward as well as new activity on your student account. The total due indicates the amount due each month, which is the total balance you currently owe to the university minus any anticipated financial aid for the current term.

The university also offers an installment payment plan option on each monthly billing statement and will be listed as the minimum payment due.

The first bill for the fall semester will be emailed to the student’s S&T email account at the end of June prior to the fall semester, and the first payment will be due July 15. The spring semester’s first bill will be sent out at the end of November and first payment is due December 15. 

The first bill will divide your balance into five minimum payments for the fall and the spring semesters, and there are two payments available for the summer semester. After the first bill is sent out, installments are calculated by taking the current term balance and dividing that by the number of payments remaining for the term. If there are any charges still outstanding from previous semesters those are due in full.

The installment payment plan is available to all families and available on each monthly billing statement. To take advantage of it, all you will need to do is make the minimum payment presented each month on the bill. 

It is your responsibility to maintain your student account and to keep your personal information current.


Once you have granted eConsent on Joe’SS, your billing statement will be generated electronically. You will be able to log into the payment center from to view current or past bills, make payments and establish Authorized Payers. A notice will be sent each month to your S&T email account when a new billing statement is available to view. 

Avoid late payments

The student account will be billed for the full amount each month with a minimum payment allowed. The minimum payment is derived by dividing the current account balance by the number of scheduled payments remaining in the semester. If a student chooses to pay the minimum payment amount, a monthly finance charge will be assessed on the remaining unpaid account balance.

Student fee accounts will be subject to a late fee for unpaid amounts billed when payment is not received by the scheduled due date as communicated on the student’s monthly billing statement. If the minimum payment or adjusted amount due is paid on—or before—the scheduled due date, no late fee will apply.

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