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Help your student become financially savvy

Congratulations! Your student has reached a pivotal moment during the transition to an adult. However, your guidance and support is still needed. One of the best ways you can assist your student to become financially aware is to start a discussion about how to pay for college.

Costs and Fees

Missouri S&T integrates education, research and application to create and convey knowledge that serves our state and helps solve the world’s great challenges. Your student will leave his or her mark; leave it to us to offer opportunities to finance a bright future.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form that should be submitted annually by you or your parents (if you are a dependent student) to determine your eligibility for need-based student financial aid. 

To qualify for need-based aid, you must submit your FAFSA each year you plan to enroll at S&T.

Learn how to submit your FAFSA

To gain access to student information, you must first obtain consent from the student because your student's records are private and confidential. After consent is given and you are an authorized user on your student's account, you are then granted access to student information through Joe'SS, where you can access information regarding your student's academics, financial aid, billing and more. Read below about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the process for you to become an authorized user on your student's account. You can find additional information about FERPA on this page of the university registrar site.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA maintains that a student's educational and financial records are private and confidential. The information in these records may only be released with consent from the student.

Your student may choose to grant you direct and authorized online access as an Additional Authorized Access (AAA) user. By adding you to the Additional Authorized Access account, your student is granting the university permission to share specified records with you. Students have the right to revoke this access at any time.

How to become an authorized user

Students have complete control over who they authorize to access their student account information. Below outlines steps for students to authorize up to five users on their account.

The student must complete the following process to grant access to up to five authorized users:

1. Login to Joe’SS 
2. Select Personal Information to access Information Privacy:

      • Navigate to Additional Authorized Access to grant online access to Joe'SS OR 
      • Navigate to FERPA Release to grant verbal access

3. Add member by entering the additional user’s name and email for AAA permission or name and phone for FERPA permission. 
4. Select the appropriate Access Granted selections.
5. Save changes.

If your student grants access, you will receive an email granting you access to Additional Authorized Access (AAA) and will provide login directions.  You have 24 hours to create an account before the link contained in the email expires.

Once access is granted and an account is created, users can view student information in Joe’SS, which may include the following:

Student account information: Grants access to view current and past financial activity, e-billing, 1098T information and the ability to make online payments.

Academic information: Grants access to view class schedule, grades and transfer credit information.

Directory information: Grants access to view address, email and phone numbers.

Financial aid: Grants access to information about awards, loans, scholarships, fellowships and work study jobs that the student has been offered or accepted.

Additional Authorized Access (AAA) grants online access through Joe'SS. In order to discuss information over the phone, in person (without the student) and over email, your student would also need to complete the FERPA tab in Joe'SS. This is located in the same location to grant Additional Authorized Access.


After you are approved as an authorized user on your student's account through Joe'SS, you will have access to electronically view, print and pay student loan bills. For more information about the billing process, see our guide on billing. Billing is managed by the Cashier's Office.

The cycle of debt can start early for many new graduates who leave college with credit card debt unrelated to educational expenses. Money can also be a source of contention between college students and their parents. Help your student reward his or herself with the future they deserve by making their money work for them now.

Discuss with your student ways to save money and encourage them to check out the resources in our Miner Money Management section.


  1. Be frugal. Look for student discounts on travel, movie tickets and meals. Buy used textbooks when available.
  2. Ask for help when you need it. If you run into a financial disaster, let your family know you are in trouble.
  3. Do not give up on school. If an unexpected event changes your financial situation or you need additional help budgeting your money, don’t give up! Visit Student Financial Assistance in G-1 Parker to see what options are available to you.
  4. Track your money. Track your spending for a few weeks to a month to see where your money is going. You can use mobile apps or an Excel spreadsheet to monitor how much impulse buying and indulgences are costing you.
  5. Set aside fun money. You will need money for entertainment so make sure you allot yourself fun money when creating and managing your budget.
  6. Use credit cards sparingly or not at all. Use cash when you can to purchase small items like sodas and snacks.
  7. Look ahead. Plan for your road trips or auto insurance bills. Set aside money to pay for larger items that are not usually in your budget.
  8. Create an emergency fund. Life happens, and eventually you will need the finances to pay for car repairs or a new computer.
  9. Keep a calendar. Monitor due dates for bills, scholarship applications, FAFSA deadlines and general expenses.
  10. Be realistic. Take advantage of everything S&T has to offer, but remember to budget wisely. Be prepared to make informed choices.


Savings can start much earlier than college. 529 savings plans are tax-advantaged account designed to pay college expenses. There are a number of benefits to 529 savings plan.



For parents of incoming students, additional information on important next steps in the financial aid process can be found here. We encourage all students and families to familiarize themselves with these to ensure everything is in place for your student's financial aid at Missouri S&T.

Financial Aid Next Steps