Study Abroad

Missouri S&T offers students the opportunity to study outside the United States through approved Student Exchange Programs and Faculty Exchange Programs. Students who are part of a study abroad/exchange program are enrolled in 15 undergraduate or 9 graduate credit hours for a fall or spring semester and either 3 or 6 credit hours for the summer semester. Non-Missouri residents participating in a study abroad pay resident tuition fees for the semester(s) they are abroad. 

Most types of financial aid can be used to pay for study abroad. Some students may receive additional aid for study abroad. Students are required to fill out a Cost Comparison Worksheet with the help of the Student Financial Assistance Office. This provides students with a realistic expectation of overall costs and how much is covered by financial aid.

Important note: If you normally receive scholarships for out of state tuition, these scholarship(s) will not apply during your semester or year abroad since all students (out of state or in-state) will be billed in-state tuition while studying abroad.


The Global Engineering Program has its own unique requirements and opportunities including a study aboard component. Check out more information here.