Fulbright Scholarship

For international students

We have been approved to offer Fulbright sponsored students a scholarship as follows:

  • $3,500 per fall or spring semester (minimum 9 graduate credit hours enrollment at Missouri S&T), $1,200 per summer semester (minimum 3 graduate credit hours enrollment at Missouri S&T)


Newly enrolled Fulbright students pursuing a graduate degree at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) and attending classes on campus will be awarded the Fulbright Graduate Student Scholarship.  The scholarship is renewable for a total term up to the following number of years –

  • Master’s degree – 2 years
  • PhD without masters – 6 years
  • PhD with masters – 4 years

Renewal requirements

The Fulbright Graduate Student Scholarship has the following renewal requirements and awarding conditions. By accepting the scholarship, the student agrees to the following requirements and conditions:

  • Student must be an international student on a J-1 visa pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree at Missouri S&T.
  • Student must be paying international student tuition and fees to be eligible.
  • Student must not have a GRA/GTA/GA appointment of more than 24.9% FTE.
  • Student must be a full-time graduate student at Missouri S&T and maintain full-time enrollment throughout the semester.  (Fall/spring – minimum 9 graduate credit hours, summer – minimum 3 graduate credit hours)
  • If student interrupts his/her enrollment at Missouri S&T, the student cannot receive this scholarship upon re-enrollment at Missouri S&T.
  • The scholarship is guaranteed only for the first on-campus semester, and can be renewed for up to the maximum time allowed for the student’s program as noted above.
  • In order for the scholarship be renewed for an additional semester, student must complete the previous semester with a 3.25 GPA or better and have a cumulative graduate S&T GPA of 3.25 or better.
  • Only new incoming international students sponsored by Fulbright are eligible.
  • The scholarship is non-deferrable; students participating in a study abroad semester or co-op/CPT semester are not eligible to receive the scholarship while on study abroad or co-op/CPT or when they return from study abroad or co-op/CPT.
  • The scholarship is voided if student takes a semester off from courses.
  • Students who drop below full-time enrollment during the semester will be expected to reimburse the university for the scholarship.
  • Students awarded the scholarship that are later awarded a quarter-time GRA/GTA/GA appointment (25% FTE) or higher have forfeited the scholarship moving forward, even if they are not given the quarter-time GRA/GTA/GA appointment (25% FTE) or higher in subsequent semesters.
  • This scholarship is for graduate students only.
  • This is a non-appealable scholarship.
  • This award will be offered via a credit on the student’s account through the offices of Financial Assistance and Cashiers and accepted on their behalf once it has been confirmed that they meet qualifying criteria.