Self reporting scholarships

  1. Login to Joe'SS
  2. Navigate to: Self Service> Campus Finances> Report Aid from Other Sources
  3. Choose the aid year
    • 2020 represents Fall 2019/Spring 2020 and Summer 2020
    • 2021 represents Fall 2020/Spring 2021 and Summer 2021
  4. Choose Report Additional Aid
  5. From the Award drop down, choose the appropriate scholarship description
    • Your first award should be listed as Private Scholarship #1 Fall

      Self Reporting Award Drop Down

  6. Fill in the description and amount of your scholarship.
    • Do not enter multiple scholarships with the same name. Doing so will overwrite any previously posted scholarship of the same name.
  7. If you have another award choose Add Another Award or Save if you are finished.
    • If your scholarship will be for fall and spring, please make sure you split your award and list a Fall and Spring award.
  8. Joe'SS will confirm that the save is successful
  9. Choose OK to proceed
  10. Choose Return to List of Aid from Other Sources to return to the page you first navigated to from step 2. You will now see your scholarship listed.
    • Note: once you choose Return to list you can no longer make corrections to the scholarship.
    • Your scholarship will show the status as Reported, once the award is loaded onto your financial aid awards it will change to Processed.
    • Navigating to each award link will show the amount entered for that award and when it was placed on your account.

Changes to reported aid

If you need to make any adjustments to scholarships that you have already reported or have been processed please email and let us know what adjustments need to be made, make sure to include your name, student ID and the award that needs to be adjusted.