Kummer Innovation and Entrepreneurship Doctoral Fellows

The Kummer Innovation and Entrepreneurship Doctoral Fellows Program (Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows) is one of several new initiatives established through a generous gift of $300 million from June and Fred Kummer, longtime benefactors of Missouri S&T. This program is designed to help Missouri S&T realize Mr. and Mrs. Kummer’s desire to encourage innovative-minded students to pursue doctoral degrees to strengthen applied research, technological innovation, and economic development in the region, state and nation.

The Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Program is limited to no more than 100 active fellows. The program is open to domestic and international students. Each Kummer I&E Fellow will receive a Graduate Research Assistantship position on campus, a fellowship (paid out semesterly), and tuition remission for required coursework for up to four years.

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Exclusive opportunities

Kummer I&E Fellows will engage in a number of special opportunities, including:

  • The Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Welcome and Kickoff the start of each semester
  • Participation in the annual Kummer Day event to present research 
  • $1,500/year in supplementary funds to be used to advance research (conference travel, software, etc.)
  • Attendance at industry site visits to learn and observe firsthand cutting-edge research and development of products
  • Participation in competitions, seminars, and lectures focused on learning and implementing entrepreneurship concepts
  • Serving as mentors to S&T undergraduate Kummer Vanguard Scholars
  • The Kummer Doctoral Achievement Award and medal for fellows who complete their Ph.D. in 4 years
  • Doctoral I&E Award for fellows whose research leads to commercialization

Program Requirements

New students

The Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Program is open to on-campus domestic and international full-time Ph.D. students admitted to a STEM degree program starting in either the fall or spring semester. 


Current Missouri S&T students

Current Missouri S&T undergraduates are eligible and encouraged to apply!

S&T graduate students currently enrolled in either M.S., M.A., or Ph.D. programs are not eligible to be nominated for or awarded a Kummer I&E Fellowship unless they meet the following exception:

  • Students who are currently pursuing an M.S., or M.A. at S&T in a department that does not offer a doctoral degree.

Thus, students enrolled in M.S., or M.A. degree programs in Biological Sciences, Psychological Science, Business and Information Technology, and English and Technical Communication are eligible to be nominated for and awarded a Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellowship for the pursuit of a Ph.D. degree at S&T.

Application Deadlines and Review Process

Only potential incoming doctoral students who have not yet started their graduate program at S&T are able to apply for the Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Program. Potential incoming students must complete their application to a doctoral program, prior to submitting this fellowship application. After submitting the student application, the faculty advisor for the student candidate will complete a nomination form. Students who have been admitted into the doctoral program and have a completed Kummer I&E Fellowship application packet (student application and faculty advisor nomination) will then be reviewed by the Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Program Selection Committee for final review and awarding of the fellowship. See specific deadlines below.

Semester Application Deadlines

Please note that the Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellowship application cycle for Spring 2024 has concluded. The next application cycle will be for Fall 2024. 

Fall 2024

October 31, 2023: Fall 2024 application for Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellowship opens. 

January 31, 2024: Deadline to submit completed Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellowship Program application.

  • IMPORTANT: You must first have submitted a Ph.D. program application before you apply for the Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellowship.

February 14, 2024: Deadline for faculty advisors to complete and submit a Faculty Advisor Nomination form AND to submit an admission decision in Slate for the student's Ph.D. application.

  • IMPORTANT: Students with a conditional admission will not be eligible for consideration for the Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellowship; students must be fully admitted by the department.

Beginning March 1, 2024: Finalists for the fellowship will be scheduled for zoom interviews with the selection committee.

March 18, 2024: Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows selection committee to announce awards.

April 15, 2024: Deadline for awarded Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows to accept their award.

Application Process

Step 1: Apply to a Ph.D. Program

If you have not applied to a Missouri S&T Ph.D. program, you must first apply for the Ph.D. program and submit all required application materials. Once that process is complete you can submit your Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellowship application.


Step 2: Apply to the Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Program

Doctoral students who have already applied to S&T or are newly admitted, please review the fellowship application requirements and complete a Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellowship application. 


Step 3: Secure an S&T faculty advisor to submit the Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Program Faculty Advisor Nomination Form

Are you an academic faculty member at Missouri S&T who would like to nominate an exceptional student for this fellowship program?


Admitted Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Requirements

Once you have been admitted as a Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellow you will receive a welcome packet with additional program information.

Requirements to stay in the I&E Doctoral Fellows program include:

  • Maintaining a GPA of 3.5 and be enrolled with full-time status
  • Passing your department’s PhD qualifier exam in line with the program timeline
  • Active participation in I&E Fellows meetings, presentations, and activities
  • Preparing an annual progress report, to be reviewed by the Kummer Student Programs office.

View additional requirements and program information on the program page.

Kummer I&E Doctoral Fellows Program