Scholarship Reinstatement Policy

Most incoming freshmen merit-based scholarships have a renewal cumulative grade point average of 3.25, which is evaluated at the end of each spring semester. Merit- based scholarships awarded to you as a first-time freshman are available for a total of 8 semesters during your undergraduate career.

Effective fall 2002, students who lose a renewable university funded scholarship due to failure to meet the 3.25 cumulative GPA requirement will have the opportunity to raise their cumulative grade point average at S&T to the established renewal level and have their university-funded scholarship reinstated after the completion of the next academic year (i.e. after the completion of the spring semester).

The reinstated scholarship could be available for the following academic year. The Reinstatement Policy is not available to students who leave S&T to attend another college or university as a student for a fall or spring semester. It will be the recipient’s responsibility to inform the Student Financial Assistance Office that they meet the renewal cumulative grade point average to have their scholarship reinstated. This notification must be received in writing by the Director of Student Financial Assistance prior to the end of the fourth week of class in the fall semester. 

Once the fourth week of classes in the fall semester has passed, a student cannot receive scholarship funds retroactive for the current or previous semesters based upon meeting the renewal scholarship GPA requirement. Furthermore, reinstated scholarship funds cannot be applied to pay previous semester(s) fees and expenses. This policy only applies to general operating (G.O.) university funded scholarships (see list below of awards that fall into this category). Departmental, alumni, donor (non-general operating), state scholarships and all other awards, will not be affected by this policy. This policy also does not adjust or extend the amount of the scholarship, nor the number of semesters the student is eligible to receive the award beyond the initial award.

Definition: G.O. University-funded scholarships include Alumni Grandchildren Scholarship, Alumni Sons/Daughters Scholarship, Alumni Section Scholarship, Chancellor’s Scholarship, Curator’s Scholarship, Excellence Scholarship, Excellence II Scholarship, Miner Scholarship, Miner II Scholarship, Trustees Scholarship, Trustees II Scholarship.