Refund Procedures

While you attend Missouri S&T your student account may have a credit balance when your payments and credits exceed total charges due. Generally this occurs because of excess financial aid, overpayment or reductions of charges, such as dropping credit hours.

Refund of Excess Proceeds

Financial aid refunds are processed daily and are generally available within 3-5 business days after the date that the aid was posted to the student account if the student has direct deposit set up on Joe’SS. If the student will be receiving the refund via check it can take 7-10 business days to receive it through the mail. 

There are two options to receiving any refunds from your student account. You can either set up direct deposit into your checking or savings account, or all students are automatically set up to receive refunds via check to your local (Rolla) address. If a local address is not available, mail or permanent addresses will be used.

Direct deposit will remain active until you request that it be changed. Currently, direct deposit is only available for student refunds. Refunds resulting from Parent PLUS Loans are mailed to the parent who originated the loan unless the parent has requested the refund go to the student when they completed the PLUS Loan application.

Refunds are processed on a daily basis and may occur before all charges are posted to your account. You are responsible for paying any subsequent charges as they appear on your monthly billing statement. 

Refund of Charges

Refunds because of dropped hours or withdrawal from S&T are processed on a daily basis as well. If you drop course hours or withdraw while classes are in session, a portion of your class fees may be credited to your account, based on the university’s refund policy. For the official refund policy, visit Credits may be used to satisfy an outstanding balance on your account. Your Financial Aid award may also decrease as a result of add/drop activity. Therefore, a drop in hours or a withdrawal does not automatically result in a refund owed to you. With the exception of a Parent PLUS Loan refund, all refund checks are issued in the student’s name.

Special Circumstances

Refund in the event of a student death

When a student dies prior to completing the current academic semester, the designated official in the Registrar’s Office will authorize a full refund of educational fees for the current semester.  Any refund will be made payable to the administrator or executor of the estate of the deceased student.  Documentation of student death should be submitted to the Division of Student Affairs, 106 Norwood Hall, 320 W. 12th St., Rolla, MO 65409, Phone: 341-4292.

Exceptions to published refund policy

The Registrar’s Office is charged with the responsibility of considering and approving exceptions to the published educational fees refund policy. Any change in assessment can only be adjusted to a rate already established.

A student who believes that a greater adjustment of educational fees should be issued than provided for in the established schedule or who feels that they should not be charged a late registration fee may file a Fee Adjustment Appeal. Exceptions to the established university policies are not made lightly and will generally be considered only for unique and difficult circumstances experienced by the student. Be sure to include all information requested (including specific course information).