Study Abroad Policy

Missouri S&T offers students the opportunity to study outside the United States through approved Student Exchange Programs and Faculty Exchange Programs. Students receiving Missouri S&T scholarships may apply those scholarships (with the exception of out-of-state scholarships/waivers) to study abroad programs administered and/or approved by the University. Most federal and state financial aid can also be received while on study abroad to pay for tuition and other expenses.

Once students meet with the Study Abroad Office in International Affairs to sign up for a program they will complete paperwork that confirms that the courses they are enrolled in will transfer to their degree program at Missouri S&T. The financial aid office is then notified and the student will need to set up an appointment to meet with their financial aid counselor.

For an approved study abroad program the student is typically charged 15 credit hours of resident tuition. If the student is an ‘out of state’ student they will only be charged in-state fees during their study abroad semester. Students must be prepared for the cost of a study abroad. Depending on where you are traveling it could cost more or less than a regular semester at Missouri S&T.  

If the Study Abroad Program you choose is not a university approved program, the student must complete a Consortium Agreement to receive financial aid.  All course work taken on the study abroad must count towards your degree program and be transferable to Missouri S&T. Consortium Agreement forms with full instructions and requirements can be requested at the Student Financial Assistance Office at G-1 Parker Hall.

If a student is Pell Grant eligible please apply for the Gilman Scholarship. Check for deadline dates at