Earn Money For College

Career Services

Throughout a student’s college career, the doors of the Career Opportunities and Employer Relations office are open. There, you’ll find career counseling and help finding a job. You can even get etiquette training or borrow business clothes for an interview.

Each year, the Career Opportunities and Employer Relations office organizes two career fairs that are among the largest of their kind. Over 700 of employers from all over the country attend the fairs and recruit future employees on campus.

More than 500 S&T students participate in the university’s co-op program annually. These students work for a semester or during the summer at one of more than 150 companies involved in the co-op program.

Co-ops and Internships

 Co-ops and internships are popular ways for students to acquire real job experience and earn extra income. The average position pays more than $2,600 per month.

Many students enjoy the experience and end up going to work for the company full time after graduation.

Campus Employment

Many students are able to secure a part-time job on campus working as student ambassadors, on research projects with faculty, assist in the library or computer center and many other opportunities. To find out what opportunities are available, contact the Career Opportunities and Employer Relations.