Understanding Your Monthly Billing Statement

Your monthly billing statement includes contact information, important messages, due dates, information on anticipated financial aid, the total amount due, the minimum payment amount and the summary of charges categorized by type.


1. Balance from last statement

The account balance from your most recent monthly billing statement.

2. Charges

This includes all tuition and fees and also other charges which could include bookstore purchases, ID card charges, parking fees and event tickets. You will also see any finance charges, which are applied to the unpaid total due from your last billing statement. This amount is calculated monthly by taking the last total due, subtracting any credits applied and then computing a 1% charge on the remaining balance. There can also be late payment fees which is an additional $10 if the minimum payment is not received by the monthly due date.

3. Payments and credits

This includes any payments on your student account made by you or an Authorized Payer and any credit applied since your last monthly billing statement. These may be in the form of a refunded deposit or financial aid that has paid to your account. 

4. Refunds

Any credit balance paid from the student account since the last monthly billing statement is considered a refund. Refunds are issued via direct deposit or by check. Refunds are not pictured at left.

5. Anticipated aid

Financial aid awarded to you that has not yet been applied. If you have any questions about anticipated aid, contact Student Financial Assistance at 573-341-4282.

6. Account balance

The total amount due on your student account for this billing period. Anticipated financial aid will be reflected in the adjusted balance. 

7. Adjusted amount due

Your account balance minus your anticipated aid.  

8. Minimum payment

The total amount of current term charges due on your account divided by the number of installments remaining in the term. A 1% finance charge will be applied to the unpaid total due each month. The minimum payment also includes any past term balance and other charges that are due in full.

9. Message Codes

The codes in this column indicate messages found in the Important Messages section at the bottom of the statement.

When viewing the electronic version of your monthly billing statement, you may click on some of the charges to see more detailed information.