Authorized Payers

If you wish to grant access to another party—such as a parent, guardian or spouse—to view billing statement and/or make online payments, you will need to add them as an Authorized Payer. When an e-bill is ready to view, Authorized Payers are notified at the email address established by the student when granting the Authorized Payer access. Authorized Payers may view current and past billing statements and make payments on behalf of the student. 

Students are able to register up to five Authorized Payers to have access to view their ebill and make a payment.

Add an Authorized Payer

  • Log-in to Joe’SS
  • Select 'Self Service,' then 'Campus Finances,' then 'Billing Authorized Users.'
  • Click 'Continue' to allow access to the Quikpay website where electronic billing and payments are processed. 
  • Once on the Quikpay site, choose 'Authorize Payers,' then 'Add New' and add a username and password for your parent, guardian, etc. They will receive an email at the address you indicated with their username and a link to log-in. The Authorized User email from Quikpay will not include their password; for security reasons the student must provide the password to the Authorized User.

Once signed up, the Authorized Payers/Users will receive an e-mail when a billing statement is ready to be viewed.

They will also have access to view the last 6 months of billing statements, make an e-check payment (free of charge), or a Master Card or Discover credit card payment. A 2.75% convenience charge will be assessed on credit card payments.